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My Witcher’s viper school medallion finally printed in metal

September 11, 2015

I designed this (not so) little thing ages ago, put it up on Shapeways and saw quite a number of people order it in metal despite the considerable price it cost to print something of this size in metal.

It’s the kind of shape you can’t really manufacture in any other automated fabrication method except 3D printing (you can make such a shape by hand if you’re a master jewelmaker, but that I am not). But if you really loved The Withcer 2, which I really did, this shape will hold a special significance and you simply must have a physical representation of it somehow (and a replica of the medallion from the game is the best kind).

I designed, printed and wore a version of Geralt’s Wolfshead Medallion for quite some time, but lots of people have these, and CD Project even gave out copies with collector’s edition of the original Witcher game and its sequels.

No one else that I know of made a really good replica of Letho’s viper school medallion, so I had to make one.


I ordered it once in the cheapest material available, nylon-12 (that shapeways call “Strong and Flexible plastic”), just to see how it feels, and it looked cool, though it was obvious this kind of object must be printed in metal to live up to its potential.


My Witcher medallions are the bestselling products in my Shapeways store, and I’m always pleasantly surprised when another person orders one, especially in metal. A few of these ordered during the last couple of months provided enough income to convince me it’s about time I got one too.

Here’s the result!

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The medallion is pretty damn heavy in this (polished nickel steel) version, but it makes it feel solid and awesome. I’m really happy with how it came out.


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