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StackExchage addiction and a New spiral generating script

December 27, 2015
Add Spiral Modifiers

Extruded spiral with a few modifiers applied

Many hardcore blenderheads will probably identify with one of my latest addictions – the Blender Stack Exchange website.

Stack Exchange is part of the Stack Overflow universe, an ingenious, revolutionary project that provides invaluable information to coders and software users around the world. The idea is simple, encourage people to share knowledge and information by answering questions in a gamified social environment. Questions, answers and comments are easily ranked and carefully moderated, and good answers can easily stand out from the bad or mediocre ones by a useful system of ranking.

But the real genius of this system is its effective gamification. Good questions and answers provide points, badges and status. It quickly becomes addictive to see if an answer you posted got positive votes, or helped the person who asked the question (who often might post grateful, enthusiastic comments). Once you got enough points under your belt, it becomes interesting to examine the various leaderboards (which show top ranks by week, month, quarter and all time, among others).
The system is so effective, that world renowned experts that would probably charge hundreds of dollars per hour, work hard to provide useful answers for free.

The Blender Stack Exchange website is particularly active and there are some amazing people there who obsessively check for new questions, and would often provide a useful answer within 30 minutes or less from the time the answer was posted! Usually you don’t even need to ask a new question, as so many good questions and answers already exist. I cannot count how many hours of difficult research, struggle and experimentation I saved by simply tapping into this amazing well of knowledge.

This is a good opportunity to thank these brave women and men 😉

Zeffi, Gandalf3, Poor, Cegaton, Carlo, batFINGER, David, PGmath, Sambler, Jerryno, Pink Vertex, CoDEmanX, stacker and any I might have forgotten. You guys are awesome.

Lately I’ve been expanding my addiction to additional Stack sites, one of which is Computer Graphics. The Script I’ll describe below is a result of this fortunate new interest.


Archimedian Spiral Generator Script



While browsing the Computer Graphics Stack page, I bumped into a guy who asked (and later answered) how to algorithmically generate an Archimedian Spiral in C++. The algorithm was short and elegant, and the result beautiful. It was simple to translate this into a blender script that would generate spirals in 3D, so I did.

After installing it as an addon, you will be able to add a new spiral through the Add Mesh Menu. I might make proper or addon out of this sometime soon (perhaps as a new Extra Objects variation that will also include my Koch snowflake addon and Fibonacci Spiral).


Add Spirals 3

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