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This blog was built so that I could share tips, news and rants about my 3D art and animation, graphic design and education work.

My name is Tamir Lousky and I’m a 3D artist, designer and instructor from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I mainly use Blender for my 3D work and photoshop and illustrator for my 2D work. But I also use Gimp and Inkscape quite often, paint in Mypaint and play around with 3D fractals in Mandelbulber. For complex 3D scenes I use Ubuntu, which is much faster than Windows when rendering in Blender.

I’m an avid supporter of open source software, and try to use open source solutions as much as I can, but do not limit myself to these alone.

The biological element in the blog (and studio’s) name comes from the fact that I used to be a biologist and still have much love for the field, which is why a lot of my animations, renders and illustrations are related to biology and science.

My main interests (related to these topics) are: 3D art (characters, environments, medical / scientific, architectural, abstract, etc), digital painting and illustration, graphic design education, games and gamification.

Feel free to contact me about anything related to these subjects:


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